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Gambar Panas Farina Akademi Fantasia 8 (AF8

Gambar Panas Farina Akademi Fantasia 8 (AF8)!

Oh memang sangat panas dan Hot!

credit to BeautifulNara

Making a Girl Hot Without Touching Her in Any Way

Any man can get a woman writhing and wiggling by rubbing her skin, performing oral sex on her or using his big penis to send her into a wild name screaming orgasm. The question is how can a man get a woman hot and wanting you? How can you get her so worked into a frenzy that she will be begging you to do wild and crazy things to her all night long?

The truth is that the ancient and secret art of seduction is all but dead in today's day and age. However, if a man knows what he is doing and does things the right way he can easily get any girl hot and does not even have to touch her. That's right you can get any girl hot and not even have to touch her in any way. You may be thinking that this is impossible, but let me assure you it not only can be done but it is easy and with a little practice you will be able to get any woman so hot for you that she will be grabbing for your zipper within a short time of you introducing yourself.

First you need to understand that woman are very complex beings. Where men are primarily visual and genitally centered, women are receptive to stimulus on a wide variety of levels. Start out by looking your best, women have a certain look that they are interested in with men and most of the time it's not the construction worker who just got off the job (although you should know this is one of the most popular fantasies of women). So take the time before you go out on the town to look your best, included in this is a trip to the fragrance counter of your local department stores men's shoppe to get a scent profile done, this will allow you to get a fragrance that will be perfect for you personally.

Next make sure that you present yourself as manly, most women cant stand a guy who acts more girly than they do, they want to know that when you are in bed you have what is takes to be THE MAN, they judge this by how you act with your clothes on. This does not mean, however, that you should act like a cavemen, women want refinement and sophistication. Even if you haven't read a book in 15 years fake it by getting some cliff notes and finding some information online about current hot designers, artists and performers. That way when you talk to her (yes you will need to have real conversations if you have a hope of turning her on) you will not look like the buffoon you are.

Now comes the seduction, start out with good manners and behave like your parents taught your to. Offer the lady a drink but do not order it for her let her have her choice and make the order herself, it show that you value her independence. Once you have enticed her to get to know you better move your hand gently over hers at the table but do not make contact. You can also do this to her arms but do not make contact. As things start to heat up move your face close to hers and gently move your tounge across the side of her neck and past her ear but do not make contact. All of this proximity will start to get her interested in what could happen when you DO make contact.

Throughout the evening speak to her romantically and softly, on occasion move your mouth very close to her skin and speak the words to her skin, letting your breath carry the message to every nerve in her body.

Once she has let you know that she is ready to make things more private and significantly more intimate (usually by grabbing your belt and yanking you out to her car for a fast drive to her place) make sure that you show her the ultimate in seduction by assisting her to remove her clothes before you remove yours and by not taking of your under pants until she has had her first orgasm. This shows that you are interested in her pleasure before yours. Trust me when she get to the task of equaling the bill you will get everything you gave back and then some.

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Devilson Stiffmiester said...

gua tak nampak rambut die tu..gua nampak 'forbidden fruits' yg pejal tersembul mcm nak pecah tu jer..perghhhhhh..terbaekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

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