Tuesday, May 26, 2009

(Gambar) Intan Ladyna & Hottie-Hottie’nya Yang Smoking Hot

Berapa banyak hot daa? Terbaru, gambar Intan Ladyna bersama Mona Hafiraniza, awek pelakon iklan Celcom yang pernah popular dengan dialog ‘Awak nampak birulah’ di’papar’kan di’sini untuk tatapan anda.

Mona Hafiraniza, merupa’kan gadis yang memakai baju berwarna hitam konon’nya telah berkahwin (tak pasti lagi). Merembes juga’lah kami apabila melihat setiap gambar ini, bukan apa, ‘Awak nampak ….(isi’kan tempat kosong dengan perkataan yang sesuai di’ruangan komen)’. Lagi gambar selepas ini…

Friends We All Need

Women base friendships on feelings of recognition, women like to show that they are very much the same as the other and show their weaknesses to their friends. Where men enjoy to talk with friends about their accomplishments and might even brag about some achievements, women are very careful with this. They are more likely to tell each other their most embarrassing moments or how they made a stupid mistake, and chances are high that their friends come up with even more awkward stories. Confession and recognition is how women confirm their friendships.

Having friends helps us in having a satisfactory and successful life, but apparently it also affects our health. People with more friends live longer than people with few friends. We can explain this by saying that the more friends we have the more chance that someone can give the right thing at the right time. Not all friends are the same. With different issues, you will probably go to different friends. Where one friend will give you a shoulder to cry on, the other will try to distract you from the issue by suggesting an activity.

The Motivator:
This person is someone who is always enthusiastic about what you are doing or planning to do, whether you want to throw a steady career to become a ice cream vendor in Antarctica or open a bed and breakfast in your garden shed. This person will always say: "Go for it, girl!" and does not judge your plans or curious career changes at all. This person motivates, inspires and will give you a little extra push where needed, because this friend only sees opportunities ahead.

The Friend in Need:
She is in crisis-management mode all the time and feels at her best when she can help out. She is down on her hands and knees when you lost your contact lens. She is there on a Sunday morning helping you mob after you house flooded. She borrows you her car. She organizes, saves and takes care until you are no longer in need of anything.

The Confidant:
With this person you can discuss anything from your mother in law to last night's erotic dream, and most of all; you can discuss with this friend things that you would not discuss with your partner. This friend will laugh with you, cry with you, but would never judge you. She will listen to you, but never repeat to others what you told her.

The Fun Friend:
Girls just wanna have fun, and this friend knows how to have uncomplicated fun at any place at any time. She is not embarrassed to go from the slide in the playground, or to flirt with a 20 years younger waiter on a terrace. She loves karaoke nights and tries all free testers of perfume in a local warehouse. She is unruly, relaxed and celebrates life.

The Truth Teller:
This is a friend who does not try to rise above you, but truly wants you to bring out the best of yourself. She will not only tell you when you are not dressed properly for your age, or that you really are drinking too much lately, but she will also tell you when you are wrong in an argument with your partner, or that you really are a little too harsh on your children. You need to realize that this friend is only telling you the truth because she wants you to have a chance to change it and better yourself. She does not say these things from jealousy or revenge, but truly loves you.

The Surprising Friend:
Most of our friends have a similar background to our own; they are about the same age, have a similar level of education, employment, or come from a similar cultural background. But we can enlarge our world and our perspectives by opening up for other people as well. By having friends from different backgrounds, friends with different cultures or a friend that is twice or half your age, you can learn many things about each other.


hasniza said...

sexy giler benb!!!!!!!!

Devilson Stiffmiester said...

wow..merembes siot!!perghhhhhhhh!Maut gua mcm ni..super hottie Intan!!come baby..do it..do it..lol..

Devilson Stiffmiester said...

super SMOKING HOT!!OMG.plzzzzzzzzz girls..shoot my head!send me to Hell!!

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