Tuesday, May 26, 2009

(Gambar) Intan Ladyna & Hottie-Hottie’nya Yang Smoking Hot

Berapa banyak hot daa? Terbaru, gambar Intan Ladyna bersama Mona Hafiraniza, awek pelakon iklan Celcom yang pernah popular dengan dialog ‘Awak nampak birulah’ di’papar’kan di’sini untuk tatapan anda.

Mona Hafiraniza, merupa’kan gadis yang memakai baju berwarna hitam konon’nya telah berkahwin (tak pasti lagi). Merembes juga’lah kami apabila melihat setiap gambar ini, bukan apa, ‘Awak nampak ….(isi’kan tempat kosong dengan perkataan yang sesuai di’ruangan komen)’. Lagi gambar selepas ini…

Friends We All Need

Women base friendships on feelings of recognition, women like to show that they are very much the same as the other and show their weaknesses to their friends. Where men enjoy to talk with friends about their accomplishments and might even brag about some achievements, women are very careful with this. They are more likely to tell each other their most embarrassing moments or how they made a stupid mistake, and chances are high that their friends come up with even more awkward stories. Confession and recognition is how women confirm their friendships.

Having friends helps us in having a satisfactory and successful life, but apparently it also affects our health. People with more friends live longer than people with few friends. We can explain this by saying that the more friends we have the more chance that someone can give the right thing at the right time. Not all friends are the same. With different issues, you will probably go to different friends. Where one friend will give you a shoulder to cry on, the other will try to distract you from the issue by suggesting an activity.

The Motivator:
This person is someone who is always enthusiastic about what you are doing or planning to do, whether you want to throw a steady career to become a ice cream vendor in Antarctica or open a bed and breakfast in your garden shed. This person will always say: "Go for it, girl!" and does not judge your plans or curious career changes at all. This person motivates, inspires and will give you a little extra push where needed, because this friend only sees opportunities ahead.

The Friend in Need:
She is in crisis-management mode all the time and feels at her best when she can help out. She is down on her hands and knees when you lost your contact lens. She is there on a Sunday morning helping you mob after you house flooded. She borrows you her car. She organizes, saves and takes care until you are no longer in need of anything.

The Confidant:
With this person you can discuss anything from your mother in law to last night's erotic dream, and most of all; you can discuss with this friend things that you would not discuss with your partner. This friend will laugh with you, cry with you, but would never judge you. She will listen to you, but never repeat to others what you told her.

The Fun Friend:
Girls just wanna have fun, and this friend knows how to have uncomplicated fun at any place at any time. She is not embarrassed to go from the slide in the playground, or to flirt with a 20 years younger waiter on a terrace. She loves karaoke nights and tries all free testers of perfume in a local warehouse. She is unruly, relaxed and celebrates life.

The Truth Teller:
This is a friend who does not try to rise above you, but truly wants you to bring out the best of yourself. She will not only tell you when you are not dressed properly for your age, or that you really are drinking too much lately, but she will also tell you when you are wrong in an argument with your partner, or that you really are a little too harsh on your children. You need to realize that this friend is only telling you the truth because she wants you to have a chance to change it and better yourself. She does not say these things from jealousy or revenge, but truly loves you.

The Surprising Friend:
Most of our friends have a similar background to our own; they are about the same age, have a similar level of education, employment, or come from a similar cultural background. But we can enlarge our world and our perspectives by opening up for other people as well. By having friends from different backgrounds, friends with different cultures or a friend that is twice or half your age, you can learn many things about each other.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

(Gambar) Adik Elyana & Botol Arak Di Malam Muda-Mudi

Muka serupa dengan Elyana, tambahan lagi, beberapa blog gosip lebih pantas mengeluar’kan artikel ini, menguat’kan lagi telahan penulis bahawa gadis di’atas sememang’nya adik kepada Elyana.
Facial Hair Removal Solutions!
Facial hair for a woman is most definitely an unwanted occurrence. The underlying causes of some facial hair in women can be an undiagnosed medical problem such as an excessive production of certain hormones like dihydrotestosterone, a precursor to testosterone. Other common causes are obesity, insulin resistance or a family trait. Whatever the cause one thing is certain most women want a way to remove it and keep it gone for as long as possible.

The first line of defense for many women is a pair of tweezers. This small device makes it possible to pluck the offending hair out by the root and thereby increasing the time, it takes to grow back. While tweezing may be an option for a few errant hairs, what about times when the hair growth has increased? You could spend all day trying to pluck unwanted facial hair, and have red irritated skin in the process.

There are several different chemicals on the market today for hair removal. The problem is few of them are for the face and the ones that are the most effective are only available with a prescription. Beyond those two issues are skin irritation due to allergic reaction, it is hard to determine which is worse facial hair or the red bumps left behind by some chemicals.

In some instances, women decide to shave to remove unwanted facial hair. This quick, easy fix does not require doctor's visits or plucking. However shaving is just a temporary fix, many times there will be a small amount of stubble left behind and you will have to repeat the process several times a week if not every day. Shaving is a quick fix but definitely not a long-term answer to unwanted facial hair in women.

Laser Treatment
Laser hair removal is a process that was tested experimentally for nearly 20 years before becoming available in the early 90s. Since that time, it has become a widely accepted practice in the dermatology field. In fact, there have been many studies printed in dermatology literature; one of the first was from Massachusetts General Hospital.

The primary idea behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis or SPTL. Laser light passes through the skin and targets the melanin, which is the dark pigment in hair. When the laser contacts the melanin, it immediately destroys the hair follicle.

Many people think that laser hair treatment provides an instant permanent hair removal. While laser hair treatments will eventually provide hair free situation it is not instant. You will need to have several treatments over an extended period in order to become totally hair free.

Laser hair removal is an excellent way to battle unsightly hair on the chin, upper lip and ear lobe. The only place lasers cannot be used is in the nostrils, ears or eyes; however, it is applicable for most other areas of the face. This treatment is also usable for legs, armpits and various other locations where unwanted hair is present.

When compared to the other treatment methods available laser hair removal is one of the best. Initial laser treatments can leave you hair free for weeks, months and even years. Repetitive treatments can eventually result in complete and permanent removal of the unwanted hair.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Akhil Hayy Mengaku Waheeda Isterinya

SETELAH sekian lama asyik menepis spekulasi dan persoalan ramai tentang hubungan sebenar mereka, penyanyi nasyid dan penceramah bebas, Ustaz Akhil Hayy akhirnya membuat pengakuan bahawa penyanyi popular, Waheeda adalah isterinya.

Lebih setahun kisah ‘panas’ mereka hebat diperkatakan. Dalam tempoh itu, banyak juga kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Waheeda dan Akhil sendiri berikutan isu mereka dikatakan telah berkahwin dan Waheeda menjadi isteri kedua Akhil.

Enggan menyembunyikannya lagi, Akhil akhirnya mengaku tentang ’status’mereka itu.

“Saya ingin membuat pengakuan di sini bahawa Waheeda adalah isteri saya…tetapi hanya di dalam program Cafe Akhil Hayy untuk musim kedua,” kata penceramah bebas berusia 39 tahun itu yang ditemui pada majlis pelancaran program itu di Ampang, semalam.
Ternyata ‘gimik’ yang dibuat oleh Akhil itu agak mengejutkan media yang hadir di majlis tersebut yang rata-ratanya merasakan mereka akan membuat satu ‘pengumuman’ istimewa di situ apatah lagi bila melihat ibu bapa Waheeda sendiri hadir ke majlis itu bersama anaknya.

Malah, sikap ’sporting’ yang dipamerkan oleh Waheeda dan Akhil yang akhirnya sanggup bergambar secara berdua pada majlis itu meyakinkan ramai media bahawa ‘pasangan’ ini mungkin sudah bersedia untuk ‘mendedahkan’ status sebenar mereka.

“Saya dah jangka pasti ramai wartawan yang beranggapan sedemikian. Memang benar Waheeda adalah isteri saya, tetapi itu adalah wataknya di dalam program Cafe Akhil Hayy kali ini.

“Waheeda membawakan watak bernama Hani Az-Zahra. Sebenarnya nama Waheeda dicadangkan sendiri oleh pihak Astro Oasis. Mungkin mereka melihat kredibilitinya sebagai penyanyi dan pelakon yang menampilkan imej Islamik dan pada masa yang sama, dia turut terlibat dengan aktiviti dakwah.

“Waheeda juga merupakan ‘facilitator’ di Pertubuhan Kebajikan Darul Islah Selangor (PERKID)dan sebab itu saya rasa dia memang sesuai untuk turut serta dalam program ini. Kami digabungkan di dalam program inisekadar untuk berdakwah.

“Saya tahu dia mampu bawakan tugasnya dengan baik dan memang dia sendiri tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan terhadap wataknya itu,” kata Akhil berceritakan serba-sedikit tentang pembabitan Waheeda di dalam program berunsurkan dakwah dalam bentuk santai yang telah pun memulakan siaran pertama musim kedua ini pada Rabu lalu, pukul 7.30 malam di saluran Astro Oasis.
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