Sunday, March 1, 2009

(Gambar) Party Fasha Sandha Bersama Rizal - Nak Sorok Lagi?

Gambar Ratu Kontroversi, Fasha Sandha berparty bersama Rizal (ex-suami Nora Danish) nampaknya sudah terlepas di’khayalak ramai. Walaupun gambar tersebut tidak’lah terlalu mesra, namun sudah ada bukti bahawasanya Fasha Sandha memang menemui Rizal secara terbuka. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, Fasha Sandha akan menamatkan zaman single bersama seorang duda anak satu, sudah terang lagi bersuluh, Rizal kan? Fasha oi, cepat’lah buat pengakuan!
Every woman in a steady relationship expects her partner to be faithful towards her. The thought of your boyfriend cheating on you may be heart breaking, but do not jump to conclusions. You must learn how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating.

First, you must trust your instincts. If you feel deep down that something is wrong, it probably is. But there are more techniques on how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating.

Look for sudden changes in his timings and habits. Has he suddenly been working late, almost every night? Sometimes, a man who usually isn't careful of his looks, might start paying a lot of attention to it for a new woman in his life.

But do remember that there might be genuine reasons behind his actions. May be he is working late to make some extra money. So know properly how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating.

He may suddenly become hard to reach over the phone or through texts. He may seem preoccupied and distant towards you. But there may be valid reasons behind this, like some problems at work.

You can also try turning up unexpectedly at his workplace on some excuse and see if he really is in the office. Also see if he has been smelling different lately. All these are tip offs on how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating.

Some men actually pay more attention to their girlfriends when they are guilty of cheating. So be careful.

These are only general guidelines on how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating. Always gather strong evidence like text messages, emails, photos etc. before confronting him. Or else, if you are wrong, he might be very hurt at your accusation. Always be open with him and talk things out otherwise the relationship will die out anyway.

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