Sunday, February 15, 2009

(Gambar) Perkahwinan Que Haidar & Linda Jasmine

QUE HAIDAR dan LINDA JASMINE kini adalah pasangan suami isteri yang sah. Pernikahan yang bertempah di Bora Ombak menampilkan upacara yang agak jangal di’buat, iaitu penikahan konsep terbuka. Pernikahan Linda Jasmine & Que Haidar juga unik di’mana upacara pernikahan di’lakukan pada Hari Kekasih (Valentine) Dengar kata, Linda tidak akan terlibat bersama Akademi Fantasia 7 tahun ini, berbulan madu mungkin. Tempatnya di’ganti oleh Aris, seorang koreographer yang bertauliah daripada Akademi Seni Kebangsaan.
Wedding favors have become a new tradition as a "Thank you "for the guest that contributes to the guest who attends the ceremony and reception making this a special day. Although this is not required, it has become expected at the reception, adding to the social graces that are observed. This has become a small part in the wedding planning process but the type of gift is not been stereotyped thus giving the couple a free hand to be unique in their choice. This gives the happy couple the ability to do the unexpected.

Unique wedding favors can be many different things; the key is to choose something not the norm. These gifts can be decorated to go with the theme of the decorations and add an air of personal flare unique to the couple's special day. This one of kind keepsake will always help bring back memories of that air of fun and happiness shared with family and friends on their special day for everyone who attends the ceremony and reception.

Unique wedding favors come in many shapes and styles like a stainless-steel melon baller With " HAVE A BALL " butterfly engraved on the handle or a heart shaped "Heart-y beginnings " pancake and egg mold . Then there are the less practical like coffee scented candles that come in elegant glass and chrome coffee cup shaped holders and place card holders shaped like grapes made of glass. There are many other gift items that are vey unique and different from the normal and they can add a little touch of class and fun yet different from the normal things seen at other ceremony or receptions.

Shopping for the wedding favors can be a fun and relaxing task for the couple giving them a break from the tedious and complicated planning involved in making every wedding special. Online shopping gives a larger variety because it is not limited to the shelf space or storage capacity of local stores. Thus giving a more fun, relaxing, and rewarding shopping experience. In addition this also tends to save money due to lower prices because of the amount of worldwide marketing found online. This level of competition lowers prices and offers an extraordinary variety to select from.

When following with today's tradition of giving wedding favors as a "Thank you" to guests, certain things are expected as are what you give. Some couples like to be unique and surprise their guests with the unexpected. They use this as a break from the norm, adding just a taste of their own unique flair to their celebration of love and life, making it a special and memorable way of celebrating to be remembered as being uniquely theirs. Wedding favors are a great way to surprise your guests and a wonderful way to say "Thank you" to friends and family.

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