Thursday, February 26, 2009

Siapa Artis Kat Belakang Fasha Sandha Ni?

Sekarang, Mybikerz ni korang semua teka, siapakah artis yang duk ’bertenggek’ kat belakang Fasha Sandha nih. Klunya, penyanyi ini dikatakan telah terserempak dengan seorang wartawan dari Sinar Harian sedang melancong celebrate Valentine Day dan ‘melencong’ dengan kekasihnya di Bangla Road, Phuket, Thailand. Dan yang buat kami terkejut bila dengan kisah ini ialah kekasihnya adalah lelaki! Kira wartawan tu dah dah syak diorang ni ada cinta luar biasa atau cinta luar tabii. Tapi itu tak pasti sebab kena tanya tuan punya diri dulu. Menurut wartawan tu, Siap dia tengok dengan mata sendiri, artis nih menerima kalungan bunga orkid dari kekasihnya itu. Dan paling terang-terangan, dia orang ni kelihatan begitu mesra sehingga ada aksi cium-cium, muah-muah-muah maklumlah, kat Malaysia tak boleh nak buat muah-muah-muah. Kononnya kat Phuket takde la orang Malaysia. Sekali terserempak dengan wartawan pulak daaa beb. Kantoi Wakena la beb!

Namun, setelah bertemu dan bertanya sendiri dengan artis ni di sidang media ABP, Mybikerz dapat tahu… bahawa… hehehe kena ikuti apa kata dan komen artis ni adakah benar dia ke Thailand bersama kekasihnya tuh.

Cuba teka siapa dia? Jawapan akan disiarkan esok!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gambar Kekasih Baru Farid Kamil

Esok bakal berlangsung Pelancaran Megadrama terbaru Astro yang akan menampilkan pelakon Farid Kamil dan Lisa Surihani. Bercakap tentang Farid Kamil, sekarang ini sedang hangat dikatakan bercinta dengan seorang gadis. Bukan Lisa Surihani, tetapi gadis lain. Nampak macam mesra… mungkin kekasih, mungkin teman dan mungkin juga sedara Farid Kamil.
Reason Why So Many Women Have Generic Online Dating Profiles
Any man who gets the basics of what it takes to get a response from women online will soon to begin to realize that a lot of women don't offer up too many details in regards to what it is that they are looking for in a man.

Often times all you will get are basic generalities that sound great but in terms of creating the kind of first email that is going to get a high response rate, not so much.

A common question that men like this will ask me is why women do such things and as a man how what can I do to create the kind of interest that will get a woman like that to respond since a lot of the more attractive women appear to be doing this.

First off, there are two main reasons why so many women essentially provide men with absolutely no information in regards to what they are looking for in a man or what they are interested in for that matter.

1. There lives outside of work and/or taking care of their kid(s) consist mainly of frequenting online dating sites and going out on the dates that result from them.
2. They have been online long enough or simply are smart enough to know that the more information that they give the greater the likelihood of them to attract the kind of man that isn't who he really says he is.

As for the first kind of woman, my advice deals mainly with the kind of women that are going to empower your life and quite honestly while there might be some good ones in that group just realize that a meal and a good time is what most of these women are after when they have the time.

In regards, to the second group this is where the kind of life that you truly have is going to come into play and there are two ways that you can attract these kinds of women.

1. Create the kind of profile that is going to compel the kind of woman that you want to attract to respond.
2. Stop spending so much time on online dating sites and begin living the kind of life that you want and start approaching and interacting with the women that you come into contact with doing so.

Personally, living the kind of life that you want to attract women is the most appealing to everyone, however, if you insist on using online dating for whatever reason know that there are some additional resources that are available to you and all you have to do is ask.

Teddy Shabba is a Coach for men who has written a special report on the DateLess Method which will help you attract women in a very natural and powerful way.

Monday, February 16, 2009

(Gambar) Azizah Mahzan & Zaefrul, Mesra Gitu!

MYBIKERZ! menerima sembilan keping gambar mesra antara Azizah Mahzan & Zaefrul menerusi email, tak baik punya (Tiru Zizan pulak)

Menurut kata Azizah Mahzan, beliau & Zaefrul merupakan kenalan sejak kecil & keluarga mereka juga saling mengenali antara satu sama lain. Arakian, jangan gosip lebih-lebih ya! (kata dia lah, percaya ke?)
When making love to a woman, the outcome of a lovemaking session depends a lot on the mindset you have when you initiate it. More importantly, whatever mindset you arrive with, will be noticed by your partner. Women have the inner ability to feel the emotions that you have deep within yourself. So what ever you broadcast from your deep emotions, could have an effect in the overall outcome of a lovemaking session. It therefore makes sense that by having a positive mindset, you will be able to have a night of an ending passion with your partner.

There are many obstacles that can come in your way, and prevent you from having a positive mindset when making love with your partner. One of these obstacles is your ego. For example, if you are too preoccupied with whether your penis is too large or too small, and whether she is faking it or being truthful with you in achieving an orgasm etc, without you realizing it, it will be rubbing off on your partner.

She will begin to feel anxious and worried that she might hurt your feelings or insult you by saying the wrong words when making love to you. She'll be so busy focusing on not upsetting you, that she will forget about herself. When this happens, it will become difficult for your woman to concentrate on enjoying the pleasures that you should be giving her, and therefore, she'll find it difficult to concentrate and enjoy receiving the orgasm.

Keep in mind that she's under the same amount of pressure as you are in the bedroom. There are times when she will feel self-conscious about her body, and she will also wonder if she is truly pleasing you are not. So by having to worry about her issues and your issues, you can imagine just how impossible it must be for her to truly achieve any orgasm when making love to you.

By coming in with a positive mindset, it means that you realize that nobody is perfect, and that really it doesn't matter if things don't always go right in the bedroom. Just because things don't go right, it doesn't mean that it's the end of the world. By simply laughing it off, and even turning it into a private joke between yourself and your woman, you can instead build a stronger bond in connection between the two of you. And really, that is what it's about; creating a strong connection between you and your partner.

By having this connection, you are in essence opening lines of intimate and enjoyable communication between the two of you. It is this type of communication that will allow both of you to feel comfortable and relaxed with each other without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious if things go wrong. It is this type of communication that allows you and your partner to express your deepest desires so that both of you can help each other fulfill these desires. Once that begins to happen, it will become very easy to give your woman electrifying orgasms every time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

(Gambar) Perkahwinan Que Haidar & Linda Jasmine

QUE HAIDAR dan LINDA JASMINE kini adalah pasangan suami isteri yang sah. Pernikahan yang bertempah di Bora Ombak menampilkan upacara yang agak jangal di’buat, iaitu penikahan konsep terbuka. Pernikahan Linda Jasmine & Que Haidar juga unik di’mana upacara pernikahan di’lakukan pada Hari Kekasih (Valentine) Dengar kata, Linda tidak akan terlibat bersama Akademi Fantasia 7 tahun ini, berbulan madu mungkin. Tempatnya di’ganti oleh Aris, seorang koreographer yang bertauliah daripada Akademi Seni Kebangsaan.
Wedding favors have become a new tradition as a "Thank you "for the guest that contributes to the guest who attends the ceremony and reception making this a special day. Although this is not required, it has become expected at the reception, adding to the social graces that are observed. This has become a small part in the wedding planning process but the type of gift is not been stereotyped thus giving the couple a free hand to be unique in their choice. This gives the happy couple the ability to do the unexpected.

Unique wedding favors can be many different things; the key is to choose something not the norm. These gifts can be decorated to go with the theme of the decorations and add an air of personal flare unique to the couple's special day. This one of kind keepsake will always help bring back memories of that air of fun and happiness shared with family and friends on their special day for everyone who attends the ceremony and reception.

Unique wedding favors come in many shapes and styles like a stainless-steel melon baller With " HAVE A BALL " butterfly engraved on the handle or a heart shaped "Heart-y beginnings " pancake and egg mold . Then there are the less practical like coffee scented candles that come in elegant glass and chrome coffee cup shaped holders and place card holders shaped like grapes made of glass. There are many other gift items that are vey unique and different from the normal and they can add a little touch of class and fun yet different from the normal things seen at other ceremony or receptions.

Shopping for the wedding favors can be a fun and relaxing task for the couple giving them a break from the tedious and complicated planning involved in making every wedding special. Online shopping gives a larger variety because it is not limited to the shelf space or storage capacity of local stores. Thus giving a more fun, relaxing, and rewarding shopping experience. In addition this also tends to save money due to lower prices because of the amount of worldwide marketing found online. This level of competition lowers prices and offers an extraordinary variety to select from.

When following with today's tradition of giving wedding favors as a "Thank you" to guests, certain things are expected as are what you give. Some couples like to be unique and surprise their guests with the unexpected. They use this as a break from the norm, adding just a taste of their own unique flair to their celebration of love and life, making it a special and memorable way of celebrating to be remembered as being uniquely theirs. Wedding favors are a great way to surprise your guests and a wonderful way to say "Thank you" to friends and family.

“Aset” Rozita Che Wan Dalam Drama Rahsia Gambar Jadi Bahan Bualan

Penulis MYBIKERZ! sebenarnya tergelak besar tatkala membaca thread Forum Cari mengenai kisah payudara Rozita Che Wan dalam drama Rahsia Gambar yang di’tayangkan semasa sesi Cerekarama, Sabtu lepas. Rata-rata mengakui aset tidak ternilai milik Rozita Che Wan itu makin lama makin menonjol dari masa ke semasa. Malah lebih ranum & sihat walaupun selepas menjalani pembedahan kanser usus.

Apakah rahsia Rozita Che Wan sehingga ramai wanita berasa cemburu dengan aset mantapnya itu? Di’tambah lagi dengan rupa parasnya yang cantik, petik jari sahaja 10 lelaki beratur panjang.
Kata forumer lagi, paling seronok si Zafrul kerana dalam drama tersebut, beliau dapat tindih-tindih Rozita Che Wan. Ha ha
One of the major killers of women all over the world is breast cancer. While its cause is not yet established, it is agreed and proven that factors such as your body size, age, level of alcohol and fat content can make you contract the disease. So, in order to avoid it, it s highly advisable for you to lose weight, reduce your alcohol consumption, engage in exercise and avoid at all cost fatty foods.

Changes in the size of the breast is one of the features of breast cancer. However, this does not mean that you have the disease when there is a drastic change in the size of your breast. This is why it is essential to see a doctor when you notice a change in the size of your breast. Don't jump into conclusion and panic yet that it is breast cancer. Let the doctor be the judge of that.

Ignorance is very costly when it comes to the issue of breast cancer. You should not be ignorant about the disease. It is even advisable that you read everything out there on the subject. According to statistics, it is estimated that cancer of the breast affects one out of every eleven women in the world. This is why you should not treat the subject with kid's gloves.

One of the steps to quickly detecting the presence of cancer in your breast is a regular examination of your breast. How? You need to examine it for limps and irregular shape and size. This approach may not be very effective for breasts that has undergone augmentation or implantation as lumps cannot be easily detected in such breast as a result of alteration of the breast. This is why you should not go for breast reform that will make detection of lumps impossible.

It is believed that breast cancer is related to the level and production of some hormones in the body. If this is true, then it means that receiving hormone therapy can cause hormonal imbalance that can consequently lead to breast cancer. However, you should realize that going for hormone therapy is still relevant in the treatment of ailments such as depressions. In such cases, it is highly advisable that you receive your therapy from a professional.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(Gambar) Birthday Party Danny & Teman Wanita

With the economy in a severe recession, more and more families are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. In fact, much of the reason why we're in such a deep recession is because of the housing market and all the foreclosures that are happening every single day. One possible solution to help people stay in their homes and to help the economy (along with the housing market) is loan modifications. Here is what you need to know about loan modifications.

The first thing you need to know about loan modifications is that they are a change in one or more of the terms of an existing mortgage. This change results in a drop in the monthly payment a homeowner is required to make. Thus the homeowner is able to stay in the home and the lender is able to continue to get paid back for the loan that was made.

Unfortunately not everyone qualifies for a loan modification. There are three main conditions that must be met in order for a homeowner to qualify. The homeowner must have proof of a hardship that is responsible for not being able to make a monthly payment, the homeowner has to prove that the new monthly payment will be able to be paid, and the home can't have enough equity to cover the total amount of the mortgage. Usually these are the three conditions that must be met.

The last thing you need to know about loan modifications is that they really are a win-win for both the homeowner and the lender. Obviously homeowners hate a foreclosure because they lose their home. But lenders hate foreclosures too. Rarely do lenders make money from a foreclosure. In fact, the money lost on foreclosures is one of the major reasons why banks are in so much trouble right now, and that's a major cause of the recession.

So a loan modification helps both the homeowner and the lender. So every effort should be made by both sides to make a loan modification so that affordable monthly payments can be arranged and then paid.

That's what you need to know about loan modifications. You now know what they are, how they work, how you qualify, and why the loan modification is good for both the homeowner and the lender. If you're behind on your mortgage payment and you fear that you might lose your home then you need to consider a loan modification.
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