Thursday, October 16, 2008

Britney Spears’ Hairy Armpits Are “Hair” To Stay

Authorities recommend using your common sense for the best self defense against attack. Because every case of rape or assault is different, there is no one perfect solution against being victimized. Law enforcement and authorities recommend adapting to the "buddy system" whenever possible and carrying self defense protection when available. Many self defense products are available to suit your needs.

Remember, if you are attacked it is always better to fight back and look for ways to escape. This has proven time and time again to be better than being taken somewhere isolated. Studies have shown out of all the crimes involving women, those who fought back or stayed in semi public places, ended up much better than those who were abducted and taken to a secluded place. Do anything you can to get away, even if getting away endanger you, such as wrecking the car or getting hit. It's always better than being taken somewhere. You must escape, it's not an option.

Some women have actually avoided rape by talking their way out of it or fighting back very aggressively. A punch to the nose or a swift kick in the groin works in a clinch. Always remember that your priority is to escape, your life may depend on it..

If You Are Attacked find a safe place to call the police & a trusted family member. Make sure to preserve all the evidence. Police suggest that you don't shower or douche; blood and semen are most important traces of evidence. Leave the clothes on you were wearing and don't disturb the crime scene.

Get to a hospital or doctor immediately. Medical attention is vital! Most hospitals provide free care for rape victims and offer pregnancy prevention and venereal disease treatment. Remember, even if you do get treatment immediately, follow-up tests for V.D. and AIDS are one of the most important things you can do..

Don't ever be ashamed or embarrassed of the crime, it's not your fault. It is VERY important to tell a doctor exactlywhat sex took place so they will know what medical tests are needed. Be honest, these people are there to help.

Try to remember in details concerning your situation, for this will help police to establish a case and remove the scumbag off the streets.

Apply YOUR knowledge, it may prevent similar attacks on other girls, women and possibly even children. So always stay alert and prepared.

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