Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Awek Melayu Bertudung dan Jack Daniel’s

When Does a Friendship Become a Relationship?
Many couples experience trouble related to outside friendships. This could be a friendship with a co-worker or other acquaintance. Sometimes the friendship is referred to as an affair and other times there are simply hurt feelings related to the bond between the partner and the friend. The all important question revolves around whether this is simply a friendship or if there is a real relationship.

What constitutes a relationship for one person may not be the same for another. Of course this all goes back to really knowing your partner, their wants, desires and expectations, and respecting them for that. In an ideal world the two of you will be in agreement about what is acceptable and what is not. But that may not be the case in the real world.

A perfect example is the issue of friends on the job. Questions continuously come up about what is and what is not okay. Some work environments seem to thrive on gossip and if two people are seen together even casually the rumors are likely to flow. Other work environments may even encourage employees having lunch together and participating in work related events, with or without their partner.

There is no wonder that there are doubts about what is and what is not acceptable. In reality all that matters is what you and your partner agree is acceptable. But the problems arise when the two of you do not agree. Perhaps you find it permissible to have lunch with your co-workers regardless of their sex. And you might even believe that it is okay to spend time outside of work hours with your co-workers.

After all, we actually spend more of our waking hours with co-workers than with family members, at least in most cases. It is not a surprise then that we develop feelings for those people we work with.

Unfortunately there is not a solid line to cross in this matter in general society. The reason is that we are all individuals with our own opinions about what is okay. But between you and your partner there should be a definite point that you both are aware of, on one side of the line things are acceptable, but the other side should be considered off limits, for both of you.

If this matter has never been a part of your discussions then it is probably a good idea to talk about it before a situation ever arises. That will put both of your feelings in the open and you can freely state how you feel without being on the defensive.

By arming yourself with that knowledge there will be less chance for a problem in the future. Each of you will know ahead of time what would be considered stepping over the line. This is a great way to be proactive in building a stronger relationship. It actually empowers both of you, even if you only reach agreements through compromise.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Creative Seduction Techniques - Warning! These Are Only For Men Who Like Older Women!


In this article I'm going to discuss some creative seduction techniques that work PHENOMENALLY fast with women who are older than you are right now! The simple truth is that once a woman gets out of the high school and college ages, her sexual appetites evolve, as do what she wants, craves and EXPECTS out of a seduction scenario. So if you are STILL hanging out around the keg, you can skip these entirely....but if you are looking to score with sexy and seductive women who REALLY know what they want in (and out) of the on!

The Amazing Allure of Ambiance

This NEVER fails, guys. A woman who has a more discerning level of taste is MUCH more interested in the atmosphere. What does this mean? Lights, candles, wine and music are VERY erotic for her...and even if you are NOT quite as buff as you once were, this is still going to be a HUGE turn on. I've even had friends tell me they weren't so attracted to the man.....but the THREAD count on the sheets in his bed were very sexy and she simply wanted to feel them against her skin..:-) What could be easier, right?

Creative Culture & Conversation is STILL the Sexiest Strategy

Look, men and women are obviously a lot different in many ways...but THIS is still the most dramatic one for me! When a man is 35, he STILL finds the 18 year old girls sexy..:-) But at 35, women usually find the man who is her age or older FAR more erotic than otherwise. Why? Culture. Plain and simple, as a woman's tastes evolve, so does her craving for a MORE magnetic man. Talk to her about the world....about art, science and spirituality. These are the MOST amazing aphrodisiacs for a woman who yearns to be seduced, mind, body and spirit alike!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Britney Spears’ Hairy Armpits Are “Hair” To Stay

Authorities recommend using your common sense for the best self defense against attack. Because every case of rape or assault is different, there is no one perfect solution against being victimized. Law enforcement and authorities recommend adapting to the "buddy system" whenever possible and carrying self defense protection when available. Many self defense products are available to suit your needs.

Remember, if you are attacked it is always better to fight back and look for ways to escape. This has proven time and time again to be better than being taken somewhere isolated. Studies have shown out of all the crimes involving women, those who fought back or stayed in semi public places, ended up much better than those who were abducted and taken to a secluded place. Do anything you can to get away, even if getting away endanger you, such as wrecking the car or getting hit. It's always better than being taken somewhere. You must escape, it's not an option.

Some women have actually avoided rape by talking their way out of it or fighting back very aggressively. A punch to the nose or a swift kick in the groin works in a clinch. Always remember that your priority is to escape, your life may depend on it..

If You Are Attacked find a safe place to call the police & a trusted family member. Make sure to preserve all the evidence. Police suggest that you don't shower or douche; blood and semen are most important traces of evidence. Leave the clothes on you were wearing and don't disturb the crime scene.

Get to a hospital or doctor immediately. Medical attention is vital! Most hospitals provide free care for rape victims and offer pregnancy prevention and venereal disease treatment. Remember, even if you do get treatment immediately, follow-up tests for V.D. and AIDS are one of the most important things you can do..

Don't ever be ashamed or embarrassed of the crime, it's not your fault. It is VERY important to tell a doctor exactlywhat sex took place so they will know what medical tests are needed. Be honest, these people are there to help.

Try to remember in details concerning your situation, for this will help police to establish a case and remove the scumbag off the streets.

Apply YOUR knowledge, it may prevent similar attacks on other girls, women and possibly even children. So always stay alert and prepared.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Syarifah Amani makin berani...

Selepas pelbagai kontroversi yang melanda Syarifah Amani seperti melakonkan watak bercinta dengan pemuda Cina, botak dan sebagainya... kini dia dilihat makin berani!! Terbaru, lakonannya bersama Samuel Rizal dalam filem Sayang You Can Dance, didakwa seperti mengetepikan adat budaya.

Adegan berpeluk dan pergaulan secara bebas seolah-olah menjadi satu tradisi dalam dunia perfileman sekarang hingga memerangkap ramai remaja. Persoalannya, apakah dengan adegan sebegini ia dapat memupuk nilai-nilai murni dalam masyarakat kita?? Apakah Penerbit dan pengarah filem kita sememangnya sudah kekeringan idea??

Tepuk dada, tanya selera!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Siapakah jejaka yang berbuka puasa baru-baru ini dengan 'janda' meletop Vee ni? Mungkinkah jejaka tersebut kemungkinan bakal pengganti Aziz M. Osman yang sudah mengakhiri zaman dudanya? Malah dengar-dengarnya, jejaka tersebut merupakan seorang pegawai penerbangan MAS...

Malah pengakuan Vee dalam sebuah tabloid yang dia kini sedang mengenali seorang jejaka kemungkinan memberi erti yang Vee juga bakal mengakhiri zaman Jandanya? Sebagai peminat, kita hanya mampu berdoa moga Vee cepat-cepat bertemu jodoh..!!
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