Thursday, July 31, 2008


Nabila dan bakal suaminya…
MAHU tahu siapakah yang mendapat rumah bernilai RM2.5 juta sebagai hadiah hari jadi?

Bukan artis Hollywood, tetapi artis Malaysia yang dikenali sebagai Amy Search.

Itulah kejutan buat media saat menghadiri majlis hari jadi ke-50 rocker tersohor Malaysia ini.
Hal itu didedahkan sendiri oleh isteri Amy, Norish saat Amy sedang sibuk melayan soalan-soalan yang dilemparkan pihak media.

Menurut Norish, Amy telah menerima hadiah sebuah rumah bernilai RM2.5 juta di sebuah kawasan perumahan elit.

Tanpa banyak bicara, Amy hanya mampu tersenyum, lantas mula berkata-kata, “Baru tempah semalam. Kalau boleh saya tak mahu kecoh-kecoh. Lagipun ini pemberian orang, dan saya berterima kasih kepadanya,” akui Amy sambil enggan memberitahu siapakah gerangannya yang menghadiahkan rumah mewah itu kepadanya.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ayu Azhari Video

BEREDAR kabar, menghilangnya artis cantik Ayu Azhari dari dunia artis karena hamil tanpa suami. Bahkan, Ayu saat ini dikabarkan sedang hamil 7 bulan. Benarkah?

Sejak resmi bercerai dengan pria bule bernama Yusuf Temu Ibrahim beberapa tahun yang lalu. Ayu kerap diisukan menjalin hubungan dengan beberapa pria, yang paling mencolok saat hubungannya dengan vokalis grup musik asal Amerika, Mike Tramp.

Kini ada kabar yang lebih mengejutkan lagi. pasalnya, Ayu mengakui kalau dirinya tengah hamil dengan usia tujuh bulan. Jelas ini menimbulkan pertanyaan siapakah ayah dari bayi yang ada dikandungan Ayu?

Sayang, Ayu sendiri masih bungkam ketika ditanya soal itu. Yang jelas, Ayu mengaku tidak merasa kahwatir dengan kehamilannya, karena ia telah memiliki suami yang sah. Pengakuan Ayu ini juga mengejutkan banyak pihak. Apakah Mike Tramp sang pelakunya?

Berdasarkan berita yang beredar, kabarnya Ayu telah melangsungkan pernikahan dibawah tangan dengan Mike. Jika benar, maka ini merupakan pernikahan yang ketiga bagi Ayu.
Pertama ia menikah dengan almarhum Jody Gondokusumo (musisi). Mereka dikaruniai seorang putra. Ikatan suami-istri itu berujung perceraian. Kemudian pada 24 Juli 1994 Ayu menikah dengan Yusuf Temu Ibrahim dan dikaruniai tiga anak. Mereka bercerai pada 8 Mei 2003.

Bagi Mike sendiri, jika memang benar maka ini merupakan pernikahan keduanya. Sebelumnya vokalis White Lion itu pernah menikah dengan dikaruniai satu orang anak.
Mengenai kepastian siapa suami baru Ayu hingga saat ini belum bisa dipastikan. Kita tunggu saja perkembangannya.

Yang jelas, Mike sempat menyatakan ingin membangun rumah tangga bersama dengan Ayu beberapa waktu yang lalu

Duh ibu satu ini... bule lagi bule lagi
kurang gede apa bomber lokal...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All About Teen Dating

Dating is a worldwide activity among teen, though much much more popular in developed countries as changing lifestyle have reduced parental assistance in searching of a life partner or soul mate. Dating referred to as adult dating is for discovering relationship for love and romance and the eventually marriage. Recently with the coming of online dating sites, dating has become a tool for seeking sex partners by singles and couples as well as gay, lesbian bisexual. Here relationship may not be given much weight but a casual sex encounter is what adult are looking for with a sex partner.

Teen dating is of course for friendship, which may develop into love and romance and may culminate into marriage depending upon the extant of relationship. Teen dating is the first experience that a male has of female and vice a versa. It is much talked about affair as the first interaction is exciting and at times nerve wrecking.

The thrill of being alone in a company of opposite sex is not very hard to imagine even for singles who have been bereft of such exciting circumstances. The age at which teens start dating is not fixed but usually it is more popular among teens aged fifteen years and over.

Free dating among teen is initiated as a simply class room interaction or an introduction by friends, relatives or parents. Teens go to online dating service for finding mates as well. Hence, you have teen dating option in matchmaking services on Internet. Some teens look for sexual partners as well but then it is legal only if you are at or above the specified age for sexual encounter, which is usually eighteen years in most countries. Such teens are referred to as hot teens or hot teen in dating terminology.

Dating among teens is a meeting of innocent minds and body as designed by human biology. Here sex takes a backseat as it is not welcomed in human society until a person is adult or mature, which is logical and correct.

The first interaction, usually in a restaurant or a movie hall is a very nervous affair for both the boy and the girl especially if they are shy. Bold teens usually get of straight away. Any way it is an exciting for both the boy and girl to be in each other’s company and if the relationship gels then affection develops which may lead to a long-term friendship among the two. At such level of immaturity, it is better to keep sexual indulgence out of the dating sphere. It is here where parental guidance is required.

Teens discuss lot of things that affect them and treat is associated with it where in it is the boy who spends as per custom. It also leads to exploring the environment they live in and learning about life as whole. Holding hands, a light kiss, a gentle pat or even little bit of petting is okay. The most important is the thrill of sharing and the feeling of possessiveness, which in turn leads to maturity among the young individuals.

Although teen dating is an introduction to the eventual goal of finding a life partner or a soul mate or even a friend, this does not usually happen. The reason is at such tender age and immaturity, handling relationship could be difficult and the boy or girl may not be very clear of one’s like and dislike. Nonetheless, it is a learning process and if the experience is satisfying it is rewarding for both of them.

The split is fast and often, among dating teens due the reasons specified above. Nevertheless, the process is never ending and the outcome is a good friend or a promising life partner. Whatever the case may be, the meeting of mind and body is a biological phenomena guided by reproductive instinct which manifests from sexual urge. HenceFeature Articles, later when maturity is attained sex is welcome and not a taboo as most conservative minds project it as so.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

artis tanggal seluar semasa perhimpunan 06/07/08

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