Thursday, March 13, 2008

Skandal Anak Dara di Tepi Tangga

Probably you can flash back “aksi seks di tepi tangga“ clips that shocked UM and Malay community in Vista Angkasa, KL a few years ago.
It was good terms for “Skandal Anak Dara di Tepi Tangga”. This time their illegal act been caught by kaki skodeng. It sad to know some of “anak dara” do not care about their “dara gadis” anymore.

Remain as anak dara until marrige.
Choosing to remain as anak dara until marriage is a “must do” decision for gadis Melayu. Once you have come to a well thought about Islamic religous syarie law, do not waiver from it.

Learn to respect yourself, your body and your tudung. Just as you would not want to share your personal dairy with everyone, the same applies to your body as gadis melayu bertudung. Remember, just as you have decided as anak dara yang mempunyai dara until marriage, there is also someone else out there of the opposite sex that has made the same decision.

Knowing that that you are gadis berstatus anak dara saves you a lot of a stress. A moment of pleasure is not worth the stress of worrying whether or not you are pregnant & facing the possibility of abortion, giving up your child, telling your parents, boyfriend, STDs, and AIDS. How much is your pleasure worth? In fact, how much are you worth?

Remain steadfast and never waver. Allow your wedding night (malam pertama) to be an experience like no other. Give yourselves to each other as legal husband and wife and know that you have made the correct decision.
Don’t be alone with the opposite sex in places that might be easy to have sex. For example such as at tangga shopping complex, in empty house, hotel or inside car.

I would like to share these photos with social NGO or academic researcher for case study purpose.

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