Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gambar Separuh Bogel in MySpace & Friendster Malaysia?

MySpace and Friendster are best Malaysia online social networking community where people can create personal profiles on themselves, make friends and make or get different profile local Malaysia bands music.

Protect yourself (gadis remaja Melayu Malaysia) from Internet predators or harassment by making your profile private. Don’t accept friend requests from anyone you do not know. People will try to add themselves as your friend, and you want to set your profile so that you can see who requests to be your friend.
You can also make it so that before people can add you that they need to know your last name or email address. MySpace and Friendster is a great way to get to know people from all over Malaysia, but you’ll never know, that person might be pretending to be a remaja Malaysia and he might be actually 35 from Surabaya!
Don’t be upset if Mykakis or Sabul question you about the content on your page. This is not a “private venue”. Anything you put on MySpace or Friendster becomes available to the public. Be thankful that mykakis and sabul are interested in what’s going on with your life. If you post pictures of yourself, make sure do not post gambar separuh bogel dalam aksi gahirah. Set your profile settings so that you have to approve of comments before they go on your profile, and if anyone is harassing you - “delete them from your friend’s list and block them.”
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