Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bayar dan Cium: Anuar Zain Dah Gila? atau Takda Agama?

Petikan daripada akhbar kosmo bertarikh 28 Mac 2008, Anuar dengan jujurnya memberitahu, peluang itu terbuka kepada semua peminatnya termasuklah daripada kalangan wanita. Adakah ini bermakna peminat LELAKI pon boleh cium jugak?
“Mereka boleh lakukan apa yang disukai. Tidak kira bercium atau duduk di atas paha,” kata Anuar dengan perasaan teruja. “Ciuman hanya terbatas di pipi sahaja.

Dan ini adalah full video tersebut, jika tak boleh play nanti aku akan enable download link.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gambar Separuh Bogel in MySpace & Friendster Malaysia?

MySpace and Friendster are best Malaysia online social networking community where people can create personal profiles on themselves, make friends and make or get different profile local Malaysia bands music.

Protect yourself (gadis remaja Melayu Malaysia) from Internet predators or harassment by making your profile private. Don’t accept friend requests from anyone you do not know. People will try to add themselves as your friend, and you want to set your profile so that you can see who requests to be your friend.
You can also make it so that before people can add you that they need to know your last name or email address. MySpace and Friendster is a great way to get to know people from all over Malaysia, but you’ll never know, that person might be pretending to be a remaja Malaysia and he might be actually 35 from Surabaya!
Don’t be upset if Mykakis or Sabul question you about the content on your page. This is not a “private venue”. Anything you put on MySpace or Friendster becomes available to the public. Be thankful that mykakis and sabul are interested in what’s going on with your life. If you post pictures of yourself, make sure do not post gambar separuh bogel dalam aksi gahirah. Set your profile settings so that you have to approve of comments before they go on your profile, and if anyone is harassing you - “delete them from your friend’s list and block them.”
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Disco clubbing as Malaysian

Disco clubbing as Malaysian

You could spend your weekend night with your friend and clubbing all night long. Zipped into your thigh-high leather boots with a flirtini in hand as you make small talk with the “beautiful people“. If you’re drawn to the latter description, get ready to go clubbing in Malaysia.
You may find in Malaysia a wide panel of places for you to enjoy a good drink or to go dancing. You will especially appreciate the diversity of atmosphere and ambiance the Malaysian Bars and Clubs offer.
Bar & Club - Party Chic
Address : G17, Lobby @ Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL

Bar/Snacks - Cuban Style
Address : 2 & 4, Jalan Sahabat, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dance Clubs
Address : 113, Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Gather your mates. For safety reasons, you probably don’t want to go clubbing alone, especially if this is your first experience. Ideally, your entourage consists of one friend who is capable of fending off undesirables even after you’ve put on your “beer goggles,” another who will hold your hair if you need to throw up and another who is famous for getting the party started. If you live in a Malaysia sub urban area such as Cheras, Melawati or Ampang, where you may need to drive from club to club, you must have a designated driver with you as well.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Skandal Anak Dara di Tepi Tangga

Probably you can flash back “aksi seks di tepi tangga“ clips that shocked UM and Malay community in Vista Angkasa, KL a few years ago.
It was good terms for “Skandal Anak Dara di Tepi Tangga”. This time their illegal act been caught by kaki skodeng. It sad to know some of “anak dara” do not care about their “dara gadis” anymore.

Remain as anak dara until marrige.
Choosing to remain as anak dara until marriage is a “must do” decision for gadis Melayu. Once you have come to a well thought about Islamic religous syarie law, do not waiver from it.

Learn to respect yourself, your body and your tudung. Just as you would not want to share your personal dairy with everyone, the same applies to your body as gadis melayu bertudung. Remember, just as you have decided as anak dara yang mempunyai dara until marriage, there is also someone else out there of the opposite sex that has made the same decision.

Knowing that that you are gadis berstatus anak dara saves you a lot of a stress. A moment of pleasure is not worth the stress of worrying whether or not you are pregnant & facing the possibility of abortion, giving up your child, telling your parents, boyfriend, STDs, and AIDS. How much is your pleasure worth? In fact, how much are you worth?

Remain steadfast and never waver. Allow your wedding night (malam pertama) to be an experience like no other. Give yourselves to each other as legal husband and wife and know that you have made the correct decision.
Don’t be alone with the opposite sex in places that might be easy to have sex. For example such as at tangga shopping complex, in empty house, hotel or inside car.

I would like to share these photos with social NGO or academic researcher for case study purpose.

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Jue Aziz dan jehan Miskin berpisah?

klik untuk besarkan
Pasangan couple yang selalu digossip di media2 hiburan di Malaysia ini akhirnya berpisah jika mengikut keratan akhbar ini. Cinta tak kesampaian..yer ke..heheh..anda nilaikan sendiri

>>gambar jue yang hangat<<

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anak Saperlah Nie?

Yum! Yum! Yum! Bukan main seksi lagi minah nie, sampaikan dah nak terkeluar buah nangka dari karung. Anak saperlah nie.

More video At Here

Friday, March 7, 2008

Gambar Yani mentor berkahwin

Tahniah kepada Yani Mentor yang telah bernikah dengan pemuda pilihan beliau.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gadis Melayu Kampung Cun Berkemban

In Malaysia historical times, gadis kampung take bath (mandi) and washing near river, the main water source in those times. You can saw in old picture, couple of malay kampung girls (gadis Melayu kampung) wore batik kemban. Berkemban batik is popular gadis kampung swimwear (pakaian mandi) in that time, it easy to wash and easy to dry.

Today, batik kemban still popular among gadis kampung but gadis kampung only berkemban inside bathroom. Now, mandi bogel quite popular among modern gadis kampung but berkemban batik still number one choice as gadis kampung swimwear (pakaian mandi) and still consider cun / seksi by others.
Gadis Kampung defined as “a Malay girls who live in village in a Malay-speaking country” In other words; a gadis kampung is defined today as Malay village girls in Malaysia. Since historical times, every Malay village came under the leadership of a penghulu or ketua kampung, who has the power to hear civil matters in his village. Gadis Melayu kampung (Malay kampung girls) practices the culture of helping one another as a community (gotong royong) as well as being family-oriented and always shies in public space.
Kampung also famous with ayam kampung, it tastes very sweet and delicious to eat as crispy ayam goreng. Penternak ayam kampung can earn more money only ternak ayam kampung because of huge demand in urban city.

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