Thursday, January 31, 2008

Remaja Sekolah Tindik Lidah

Tindik lidah is a form of body modification. The word piercing can refer to the act or practice of body piercing, or to an opening in the body created by this act or practice. The cultural norms reflected in tindik lidah are various. For instant, gadis Melayu only can practice body piercing in ear for earring. If gadis Melayu remaja sekolah bertindik lidah, she will be portrait as bohsia, a troublesome teens. However, for city born girls cannot accept tongue piercing/tindik lidah as bohsia but it kinda of expression and sexy act.
I imagine gadis remaja sekolah who had tongue piercing/ tindik lidah also thoughts to tindik puting buah dada or tindik pusat. Sound cool uh? You may share your photo with
o keep a lidah bertindik free from infection the first thing one should not do is rinse his or her mouth out with any type of Listerine. This can cause irritation and discoloration to the piercing. Never clean the piercing with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, this can cause serious injury. Salt water is also an effective rinse. During 4-8 weeks after getting pierced do not play with or touch the tongue. Always rinse tongue after it has been touched or after eating something. You may want to avoid eating hot or spicy foods during the healing process, as this may cause discomfort and hinder the healing process.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anak islam hadari (anak timbalan perdana menteri)

Mengikut sumber emel yang aku dapat mengatakan bahawa gambar ni milik anak timbalan perdana menteri.Yang aku sendiri tidak pasti siapa ayahnya.hehe tak apa la hari ini tidak ada gosip aku letak je la gambar ni.sorry
Nah ni friendster dia
Redundancy of moderating Islam

Some Muslims believe that Islam is already moderate and encompasses life in every part of this world. To them, extremism exists in the form of misinterpretation and selective interpretation of the Qur'an and the Hadiths. Therefore, the word "Hadhari" is redundant, and may cause the misunderstanding that Islam by itself is not already moderate. However, Islam Hadhari has been welcomed by those who fear that PAS, the main Islamic opposition party in Malaysia is too extreme with its goals.

Redundancy of the term "Hadhari"

Some Muslims also believe that Islam is a religion and philosophy that encompasses all types of lives including developed civilizations. Therefore, the word Hadhari (Civilization) is redundant

Islam Hadhari as mere government rhetorics

On the other hand, the concept of Islam Hadhari as a moderate doctrine also came into question by examining Article 121 (1A) of the Malaysian Federal Constitution which is against Principle 7 of the Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers which states that access to a lawyer must be granted "promptly" and in any case "not later than forty-eight hours from the time of arrest or detention" [1]. The involvement of several of its academicians in Jemaah Islamiyah and the frequent occurrences of moral policing seem to suggest that Islam Hadhari is mere rhetorics


Penulis lirik popular, Rosli Khamis, 50 tahun atau lebih dikenali dengan nama Loloq telah meninggal dunia pada tengahari tadi. Arwah pulang ke rahmatullah selepas dilaporkan koma akibat pendarahan dalam otak.

Mengikut sumber, semalam Loloq dilaporkan stabil dan menunjukkan sedikit perubahan selepas menjalani pembedahan kelmarin. Semalam, Allahyarham Loloq ditempatkan di Unit Rawatan Rapi (ICU), Hospital Pakar Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Pada mulanya, keadaan Loloq menunjukkan tanda positif apabila beliau ketika itu sudah mampu bernafas sendiri tanpa bantuan alat pernafasan. Namun, sewaktu beberapa temannya termasuk Amy Search melawatnya kelmarin, jururawat bertanggungjawab menjaganya memberitahu keadaannya agak kritikal.

Malaysia telah kehilangan seorang penulis lirik berbakat dan pelakon yang begitu prolifik dalam menghasilkan karya dan sentiasa menampilkan lakonan yang unik. Selain menulis lirik untuk penyanyi popular dan menulis skrip Loloq juga pernah berlakon dalam filem seperti Man Laksa dan Zombi Kampung Pisang. Dia juga juri rancangan Bintang Kecil yang diterbitkan dan disiarkan di TV9.

Salam takziah buat keluarga dan sanak saudara allahyarham. Semoga Allahyarham ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah.

telah disahkan

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anak Ikan

Dia merupakan Wartawan paling glamour kerana suka menggosip artis dengan pelbagai gosip panas seperti Hans dan banyak lagi...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Video Klip Lucah FAUZI NAWAWI?

Yang ini aku dapat dari emel aku dari pembaca blog aku.Adakah ini benar video klip beliau?Aku tak berani nak tuduh-tuduh video klip ini milik fauzi nawawi kerana aku tidak mempunyani bukti yang kukuh tentang video klip lucah fauzi nawawi.Aku harap itu bukan video klip beliau.Mungkin ada pelanduk serupa yang saja mengenakan fauzi nawawi ni untuk menjatuhkan maruah beliau.Aku harapkan video klip ini bukan kepunyaan IDA NERINA dan FAUZI NAWAWI.Dulu pun ada kes pasal video klip lucah ELLA & JOJIE tapi itu memang sah bukan ella dengan jojie.Sama jugak dengan intan intan ladyana yang teraniaya dengan gambar lucahnya yang sebenarnya gambar itu bukan gambar dia tetapi gambar pelakon jepun yang serupa dengannya.Kali ini timbil pulak video sensai yang kononya orang dalam video klip tersebut adalah fauzi nawawi?Harap pihak berkuasa dapat menyekat perkara ini dengan segera

Bomoh Penipu

Don't let bomoh tipu lu ah..
Sori gambar di bawah in Ada unsur 18SX sedikit... Tapi sebenarnya in adalah pendedahan pasal bomoh palsu yang mencemarkan imej bomoh di Malaysia...Bodohnya juga adalah sikap atau taksubnya pelanggan yang percaya Dan sanggup di perbodohkan oleh bomoh yang hanya suka mengaut keuntungan Dan ambil kesempatan....

Gambar ini di ambil secara curi2 di sebuah rumah tumpang (salah sebuah negeri utara Malaysia-sempadan m'sia/Thai)
Kononnya wanita ini meninginkan guna2kan suaminya supaya sentiasa sayang Dan rindukannya..Bomoh tersebut meminta wanita itu meminum sedikit air Dan memintanya menaggalkan semua pakaian... Dan menjampi anggota badannya termasuklah bahagian dalam badannya termasukla anggota sulitnya..astgfirullahalazim. Kononya juga selepas ini, suaminya akan lekat Dan tidak akan melupakkan bahagian-bahagian yang telah di jampi oleh bomoh tersebut...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Paparazzi and girlfriend

more pic>>HERE<<
MoRe Video>>HERE<<
Paparazzi is a plural term (paparazzo being the singular form) for photographers who take candid photographs of celebrities, usually by relentlessly shadowing them in their public and private activities. Celebrities claiming to have been hounded by such photographers often use "paparazzi" and even "stalkarazzi" as a pejorative term while news agencies commonly use the word in a broader sense to describe all photographers who take pictures of notable people.

Technological developments in cameras (such as higher quality telephoto lenses and high speed films) enable paparazzi to shoot their subjects from afar, and often unseen. Miniaturization allows tiny palm-sized cameras that can effectively engage in secret photography. Further, digital cameras and transmission methods allow for rapid distribution of the pictures. Paparazzi are not necessarily dependent upon technologically advanced vehicles. Most use transportation such as a car or a bicycle to take them from point A to B. Some even go about on foot.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gambar pelakon Anak pontianak?

This is a story about Samira or Mia, a very shy and obedient girl who inherited her great-grandmother’s powers. She studies at a boarding school called Kolej Tunku Sulun (KTS) for about 2 years. She frequently went missing at night and was later found in the wood unconscious. Mia herself couldn’t remember where she went. The situation went on for a few times and cause disturbance to her parents and the school management. They decided to transfer Mia to a new school where it would be safe for her but Mia refused to go. She wanted to continue her studies there. From there onwards, they realizes that Mia’s attitude has changed. Year to year she bloomed into a beautiful teenager full of confidence. She always like to sing a mysterious melody, which nobody know from where she gets it. Only Mia knows where she has heard the mysterious melody and why she frequently went into the woods. It was in the forest where she was being prepared for a very important role. Five months after her graduation and on her 18th birthday, Mia was told that she has inherited all of her great ancestor’s powers. Now she has to face with all of her enemies who crave for her powers. The only way for them to get her
Download gambar>>Link<<
Jiakalau anda rasa kebenaran gambar diatas itu betul ataupun salah sila kasi komen korang yer..yang menjalankan perintah...

Vanessa Hudgens in Transparent Blouse

Vanessa Hudgens was candid at Spa wearing a transparent blouse, but like any girl with her head on your site, not forgot to put on your bra. Anyway, it is beautiful and very sensual.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hot Japan Upskirt

A Go-Go dancer
A Go-Go dancer

While upskirt images may be captured consensually, many viewers seek such images taken surreptitiously (and presumably without the subject's consent). The creation and viewing of this type of upskirt are a form of voyeurism. The advent of cell phones fitted with cameras (a.k.a. camera phones) is often credited for the surge in this type of photograph.


In Japan, hidden-camera photography itself is not against the law as of 2002; however, distributing such photos publicly may break the law. Camera phones sold in Japan make an audible noise when taking a picture.This feature makes the subject more likely to notice if clandestine upskirt photos are being taken without consent.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Motif LIZA (pakai baju t-salib?) & ZIANA berimej seksi LEPAS KAHWIN?

Motif LIZA (pakai baju t-salib?) & ZIANA berimej seksi LEPAS KAHWIN?
Terkejut tgk baju Liza Hanim dkt ulangan Konsert KLCC Countdown 2008 baru kejap ni.. Rasa mcm 1st time je Liza Hanim pakai baju yg sebegitu daring... Baju ala kemban tak berlengan, bareback.

Bertambah class lagi.. Kat depan dress dia tu terang2 tertera lambang t-salib warna putih.. Nora dulu pakai baju seakan serupa (berlengan of course!) utk rancangan CIT CAT AZWAN.. bukan main teruk lagi kena condemn dgn press..

boleh tgk video youtube liza duet dgn ramle sarip kat sini..


Monday, January 7, 2008


While upskirt images may be captured consensually, many viewers seek such images taken surreptitiously (and presumably without the subject's consent). The creation and viewing of this type of upskirt are a form of voyeurism. The advent of cell phones fitted with cameras (a.k.a. camera phones) is often credited for the surge in this type of photograph.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Loving Couple | Zizie Ezette Photos

She is so cute! Yes, Zizie Ezette is cute. But, who is the man beside her? Wherever Zizie go, that man always beside her. Is he Aman Shah, the man who has became her husband? What! Her husband? No no no no! that's only a gossip. Yeah! I heard the gossip and I believe you heard about it too. But, as long as there are no official announcement or news I won't believe that Zizie has married with that guy. Anyway, Zizie Ezette is very very cute and has sexy looks. Agree?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sexual harassment in Malaysia

exual harassment in Malaysia means any unwelcome verbal, non-verbal, visual, psychological or physical conduct of a sexual nature that might, on reasonable grounds, be perceived by the victim as placing a condition of a sexual nature on his or her because of his or her sex.

Sexual harassment (Gangguan Seksual) may also consist of an unwelcome verbal, non-verbal, psychological or physical conduct of sexual nature that might, on reasonable grounds, be perceived by the victim as an insult or humiliation, or a threat to his or her well-being.

Sexual harassment in Malaysia is harassment or unwelcome attention of a sexual nature. It includes a range of behavior from mild transgressions and annoyances to serious abuses, which can even involve forced sexual activity. Sexual harassment is considered a form of illegal discrimination in Malaysia, and is a form of abuse (sexual and psychological) and bullying.
Common effects on the victims
Some of the psychological and health effects that can occur in someone who has been sexually harassed: depression, anxiety and/or panic attacks, sleeplessness and/or nightmares, shame and guilt, difficulty concentrating, headaches, fatigue or loss of motivation, stomach problems, eating disorders (weight loss or gain), feeling betrayed and/or violated, feeling angry or violent towards the perpetrator, feeling powerless or out of control, increased blood pressure, loss of confidence and self esteem, withdrawal and isolation, overall loss of trust in people, traumatic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), complex post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts or attempts, suicide.

BF Baru Fatin AF5?

Ni pic Fatin af dgn BF baru dia...mcm kenalje mamat ni..pape pun diaorg ni sama2 kiut la...padan kan???

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